the trumpets

That evening, Joanne’s prayers were unusual: she couldn’t help but touch herself thinking of Jesus laying over her young & hot body.

She woke from her visit to Heaven convulsing in devotion to the rosary, all senses filled with a single command: petition that God saved the whole world, what she fervently did.

The next morning, fetching breakfast, she dropped a bowl full of milk & cornflakes on the floor, after hearing the TV news telling that an atypical earthquake wave destroyed many places around the Earth, killing millions of people.

Although affected by some doubt, her innermost conviction was that she should continue the spiritual pleading, what she did for many days in a row, barely eating or taking a shower.

When the headlines gave account of a new lethal pandemics, her confusion was enormous, but the visions cascaded over her entire being, practically obliging her to keep praying the rosary harder.

The night she fell cold dead, her face contorted with terror, hands in living flesh from turning the spiky beads, it was the same moment of the fall down that brought this nuclear winter…