Last night I had that nightmare again about when my wife was shot in a robbery at our home: when she starts falling back, chest bleeding over white dress, a kind of ghostly woman holds her by the armpits, while a plastic tissue covers her, while she screams.

Every time this happens, I wake up sweating and start praying, but tonight I was like paralyzed, sensing a presence in the room because of some moving shadows and hearing a cadaverous voice defying me: “Ain’t you gonna ask your God for relief now?”

I could not move a finger, but deep inside I challenged the intruder back, “Apo pantos, kakodemonos”, as my grandmother taught me during my first years, even though I was not aware if was still dreaming or what and if there was really someone with me.

Suddenly, my doubts were all gone: involuntary movements made me realize I was being controlled, even though I could not see by whom, until I regained possession of my body with great difficulty: a skeleton-like specter under a hooded black gym blouse, one that my spouse liked a lot to wear.

Would this be her shadowy wraith, blaming me for her death?

My hesitation proved my worst mistake, as the thing took control again, leading me quietly to the neighbor’s house and directly into his little kids bedroom upstairs, me holding a gun.

Nobody would believe that I was under evil influence, albeit the smaller boy told their parents my eyes were all dark when I shot his brother in the head. Here in jail, I can only see some flashes in my memory while some guys kick my teeth out of the mouth.