R.M. Roldan discovered his vocation for art still in his tender infancy: a school play in kindergarten revealed his love for storytelling; the contact with the works of Fernando Pessoa, Charles Bukowski and the beat generation, the love for poetry; the films of Akira Kurosawa, Hitchcock and Carpenter, the fascination with the camera; the Brazilian comics of Glauco, Angeli, Laerte and Fernando Gonsales, as well as the American graphic novels and the work of Robert Crumb, pointed to a field of contact between literature and visual art.

In 1992, Roldan was one of the founders of Hobbit RPG, the first role-playing game club in South America, which was hired for the launching of the first Dungeons & Dragons box in Brazil in 1994. He also organized the first live-action role-playing games in South America.

Also from an early age, Roldan is enchanted by visual art, from installations such as Regina Silveira, passing through the classics of all time, surrealism, cubism and even Edu Kac’s work, with his bio art, holographic poetry and interactive installations. Roldan’s inspiration stems from an extensive journey of searching for self-knowledge, which led him to study and practice various religions and esoterisms, alchemy, kabbalah and Tantric Buddhism, devouring tomes of philosophy and carrying out intense psychophysical experiments.

Graduated as a Bachelor in Laws with a major in Forensic Psychology and Bachelor in Arts with a major in Literature, he performed several professional functions without direct connection to art, while at the same time developing his artistic talent. In these comings and goings, he received extensive training in theater & cinema, self-taught himself in literature, and maintained contact with great Brazilian poets of yesterday and of today, such as Augusto de Campos, Zhô Bertollini, Fabiano Calixto and R. Roldan-Roldan, among others. After some sparse work in theater, poetry and cinema (see below) and an M.A. in Fiction Narrative, in 2020 Roldan decided to leave the corporate career he had  built until then to dedicate himself entirely to art.




– 2011: Screenwriting for Cinema & TV course at the International Cinema Academy (Sao Paulo, Brazil).
– 2011: actor in the short “Mega Cena: Confissões de um Estagiário” (Big Lottery Story), by Raphael Martinez et al (Dummy Produções).
– 2011: actor in the short “O Natal de Tonho” (Garbage Man Christmas), by Andrews Nascimento.
– 2012: make-up in the short “Terra de Ninguém” (No Man’s Land), by Deivison Fiuza.
– 2012: script, production, direction & edition of the short “Crazy Medieval Times”, for the Les Folies Group and Renato Guedes (artist  for Marvel / DC).
– 2012: script, production, direction & edition in many videos for The Les Folies Group.
– 2012: actor in the short “O Duplo” (The Double), by Juliana Rojas.
– 2018: scripts for 360 interactive videos of WestRock Brazil.
– 2020: various courses about Horror Cinema at UniHorror, by Prof. Paulo Biscaia Filho, M.A. (Vigor Mortis).
– 2021: Film Production course at SESC 24 Maio.
– 2021: script & acting in the short “Quinto dos Infernos” (Lowest Hell), with Ales de Lara e outros.
– 2021: Screenwriting for Horror Cinema at UniHorror, by Prof. Paulo Biscaia Filho, M.A. (Vigor Mortis); in course.




– 2004: season of the play “Cenas Urmanas” (Urman Scenes) in Brazil.
– 2009 / 2010: Stanislavski Method: National Thespian School (Brazil).
– 2010: 1st Place in Sound Design for the play “Hienas”, by Bráulio Pedroso, in the 1st Festival of the National Thespian School (Brazil).



– 1997: honorary mention of a poem in Colégio Singular-Anglo.
– 2002 / 2004: Humanist Movement poetry group (Brazil).
– 2003 / 2004: many poems published in A Cigarra magazine.
– 2004: published poem in the anthology “It Is Time for Poetry”.



– 1992 / 1998: co-founder of the first RPG club in Latin America.
– 1997: 1st Place in Photography and Theater in the festival Colégio Singular-Anglo (Brazil).
– 2004: Project Manager at Draco Event Productions Ltd. (Brazil).
– 2009: Director for the Brazilian Association of Tibetan Culture.
– 2009 / 2018: Translator and Video Editor for Ligmincha Brasil.
– 2012 / 2015: Digital Content Producer for gamified apps such as the Angels’ Altar at R&C Productions (Brazil).
– 2012 / 2017: Les Folies group manager (Brazil).
– 2017: Article for the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.
– 2013: Technologist in Digital Game Production at FMU (unfinished).
– 2012: Clown course at Casa 11 with Joana Barbosa (Jacque Lecoq student).